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Why Host a Podcast Show?

Fractal Recording

The collective knowledge of the people at your company is enough to fill volumes. Every day they talk to others about your company, your industry, answers questions, discuss changes, trends, etc. We can help you tap into that gold mine and use it to grow your company. Why not share all this information with more potential customers and existing clients?

The human voice connects with people in a way that the written word cannot. When people listen to your podcast, they can feel your emotion. They get a better sense of your personality. They feel like they get to know you.

Benefits of Podcasting:

  1. Attract leads
  2. Become an authority in your field
  3. Grow an audience of prospects
  4. Build influence and gain instant credibility
  5. Develop fruitful relationships
  6. Generate lots of content
  7. Promote your products and services
  8. Establish expertise and build trust with your audience
  9. Develop strong relationships with prospects and clients

    Our Mascot - The Fractal Pterodactyl

    Our Mascot – The Fractal Pterodactyl

  10. Be available “on-demand.” Podcasting is like the Netflix for audio – Listeners can search for shows by topic, browse archived episodes, and listen whenever they want
  11. Build up a valuable library of content which can be shared and re-purposed
  12. Podcasts reach new audiences
  13. People can listen to your podcast while multitasking which you cannot do when watching a video
  14. A podcast is some of the best content that people can easily share
  15. Podcasting is like the Netflix for audio – it is “on-demand.” Listeners can search for shows by topic, browse archived episodes, and listen whenever they want
  16. Over time you will build up a valuable library of content which can be shared and re-purposed
  17. Leverage relationships with your referral and strategic alliance partners by having them on your show
  18. Connect with industry experts who would never take your call otherwise. Well connected people will take your call when they realize you want to interview them about something you are both passionate about
  19. Create an ongoing buzz online. Your show will consistently generate lots of content
  20. People who listen to podcasts tend to have a lot of passion for podcasts, show great loyalty to the shows they like, and are likely to be raving fans
  21. Attract more publicity
  22. Land higher profile speaking engagements
  23. Leverage your material into eBooks, white papers, blog posts, articles, marketing CD’s, social media posts, etc.
  24. The technology is already here to listen to podcasts and internet radio through your car speakers (just think of how much time we spend in our cars)
  25. Listening to podcasts is simply a click away
  26. You can generate positive cash flow from your show from ads and sponsorships
  27. Use your show for bartering leverage
  28. People are more likely to want to do business with you knowing that you host your own show
  29. A successful show can lead to unexpected streams of revenue
  30. And it’s more fun than you can imagine!

Fractal RecordingWhat you could talk about on your podcast show (Great podcasting ideas):

  • Interview influential guests
  • Spotlight Clients, Prospects, Strategic Partners, Team Members, etc
  • Topics that are relevant to your listeners
  • Regular segments like ‘Tip of the Week’, etc
  • Success Stories
  • Case studies
  • Recommendations
  • FAQ’s
  • Best practices
  • Q&A with your listeners
  • Company Overview
  • Product Spotlights
  • Vignettes/Stories
  • Testimonials
  • “Do-it-yourself” processes
  • Incorporate previously recorded audio from presentations, live events, lectures, or audio from videos you have previously created, etc
  • Your sponsors (paid commercials, ads and plugs)

Fractal Recording

Growing your company is a by-product of sharing your passion and helping others. We at Fractal Recording love what we do. We help companies share their unique greatness. Nothing makes us happier than to see our clients enjoying a well-deserved boost in their bottom line by hosting their own podcast show. They become an inspiration by educating, sharing ideas and leading the people in their field. We are blown away that we get to witness this transformation again and again and again!

At the end of the day, we totally appreciate and understand that there are so many choices out there when it comes to marketing and getting your word out. It really is overwhelming. We know that not everyone is ‘lucky enough’ to be a television star or radio star, but guess what? Now it is possible for YOU (the true professional) to amplify your influence and become an authority in your field.

The power of the spoken word… Deep down we know that podcasting is the ultimate way to showcase your experience, knowledge and expertise. And most importantly, help people. Your listeners will develop an intimate bond with you. There is an emotional connection that you will create with your audience.

*Check out the process of launching a show on our Podcast Production page.

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