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Laura Mattia - Host of Financially Empowering Women

Laura Mattia – Host of Financially Empowering Women

Laura Mattia

Host of Financially Empowering Women
Wealth Management Principal with the Baron Financial Group

The process at Fractal Recording is wonderful. I like working with Chris. He is very supportive, has great ideas, and is very encouraging. He’s especially helpful in understanding what my overall goals are and providing me with ideas on how to achieve them.

In my case, I felt a need to get some unbiased financial knowledge out there without any purpose of selling anything. I wanted to provide this type of venue to the average person who may not have access to a qualified fee-only non-salesperson financial planner. What excites me is when listeners get back to me and tell me that the information they heard on the show was extremely helpful.

I would recommend Fractal Recording to anyone who has a good message that they want to share with the folks that need that information. It’s an ideal way to show off what you know and be recognized as an expert in your field.

Pamela S. Harper - Cohost of Growth Igniters Radio

Pamela S. Harper – Cohost of Growth Igniters Radio

Pamela S. Harper and D. Scott Harper

Hosts of Growth Igniters Radio℠
Pamela S. Harper is the founding partner and CEO of Business Advancement Inc. and Author of Preventing Strategic Gridlock
D. Scott Harper is Sr. Partner with Business Advancement Inc.

Hosting our podcast show using the services of Fractal Recording is helping our business in ways we didn’t even anticipate. Beyond growing our audience and email list, we are now able to connect with people who we would never be able to connect with otherwise. We are getting more traffic to our website via the podcast episode posts, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are discovering people and reaching people we didn’t even know were listening.

D. Scott Harper - Cohost of Growth Igniters Radio

D. Scott Harper – Cohost of Growth Igniters Radio

We have been told that the audio quality of the podcast is extraordinary. Chris’s involvement has been so important – preparing our launch, helping us setup our equipment, integrating our show with our website, and of course recording and editing, etc. People have asked us, “Where is the studio where you record your show?” After we tell them that we do it from home and it’s all done virtually, they are amazed!

We were initially looking for other options for how to podcast including some networks and other methods, but we are so glad we chose this direction to work with Fractal Recording. It gives us everything we were looking for in one place – quality, autonomy, a professionally produced show, and a genuine audio engineer to help us every step of the way. We look forward to continuing the show for the foreseeable future.

David Deutsch - Host of Social Media Unscrambled

David Deutsch – Host of Social Media Unscrambled

David Deutsch

Cohost of Social Media Unscrambled
Director of Social Media and Online Strategy at Whitman Business Advisors

Since early 2013 I have collaborated with Chris Curran at Fractal Recording to create a podcast radio show called Social Media Unscrambled. I wanted to find a way to carve out a niche to help me stand out in a crowded field of social media strategists. It turns out that the podcast show is a perfect method to achieve this by presenting helpful, practical information that clears up many of the misunderstandings in the social media space.

Chris is well-rounded enough to always ask relevant questions on and off the air, yet possesses deep knowledge of the recording space so that I implicitly trust his judgment on numerous topics.

I cannot recommend enough that you start your own podcast at Fractal Recording. I recommend Fractal Recording without reservation.

Dino Dogan - Founder of Triberr

Dino Dogan – Founder of Triberr

Dino Dogan

Founder of Triberr

The first time I liked hearing my voice coming out of the speaker was when I recorded a podcast at Fractal Recording. I keep coming back because Chris and his team are simply amazing, accommodating, and consummate professionals.

The audio and video content produced for us by Fractal Recording a year ago still brings in leads and new clients for my business. I have a lifetime of experience working with audio and video production teams, and Chris and his Fractal Recording team are my absolute favorite.

Tom Ando - Photographer

Thomas Ando – Photographer

Thomas Ando

Not every business has the intuitive capacity to get their story out there. Fractal Recording has an environment with a positive vibe and creative energy. Hosts and guests are able to share who they are and what they do in a most comfortable way. The atmosphere really draws out the best from people.

I’ve made contacts throughout the country simply by being a guest on a couple Fractal Recording shows. It was almost like an expanded form of networking in a less formal structure. I’ve seen introverts come out of their shells, and extroverts gracefully shine brighter.

The studio at Fractal Recording allows for some really energetic and dynamic interaction between guests and hosts. Chris has an innate ability to stimulate people’s creativity with regards to their expertise in their field.

I highly recommend becoming part of the Fractal Family!

Christine Clifton - Author of Your Spirit at Work

Christine Clifton – Author of Your Spirit at Work

Christine Clifton

Author of Your Spirit at Work

I really enjoyed being a guest on a couple Fractal Recording shows, Business Beat Radio and Social Media Unscrambled. Chris made me feel comfortable and confident because he has a very facilitative style and an infectious laugh!

Fractal Recording’s “done for you” services makes podcasting a breeze for the show hosts, and the content/medium can be used in so many dynamic ways to promote their business. I highly recommend utilizing Fractal Recording to bring your marketing efforts into the world of new media!

Tamra Young

I really enjoy working with Chris at Fractal Recording. My show has been a novel and effective way to initiate and grow business relationships, plus I love that it’s all based on helping people and offering valuable caregiving information. I have so much fun doing the show. The whole process is interesting and a great way to market my business. I would absolutely recommend others to consider doing their own show at Fractal Recording.

Bob Snyder, aka Bob the Broker

Bob Snyder, aka Bob the Broker

Bob Snyder

I love the professional environment of Fractal Recording. It proves to my guests that I have a professional approach. They are always impressed with the process and the quality of the final podcast. I always look forward to doing my show. It’s the best day of my month. Fractal rocks! I recommend people all the time.





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