A Complete Podcast Production Solution
for Mid-to-Large Companies

How We Do It

Fractal Recording

Fractal will be by your side every moment making sure your podcast show is set up properly and sounding great. Fractal is essentially your podcasting department. Whatever you need, we are there for you!

Your Audio Setup

Using our audio engineering background, we make sure you have a great sounding audio setup at your office and/or home. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. We will help you choose your gear and help you set it up, too.

Fractal is Your Central Hub for Recording

At Fractal headquarters we have built a professional studio capable of recording multiple hosts and multiple guests simultaneously. We connect everyone to Fractal from wherever they are using a professional sounding connection. Then Fractal records all aspects of each episode. Of course we also have the ability to clean things up later by editing the recording if need be. Less pressure = better content 😉

After an Episode is Recorded

Fractal will go through the detailed process of editing, processing, mastering, tagging, uploading, etc. Then the audio is ready to publish. After it’s published, then it’s time to promote it far and wide!

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