A Complete Podcast Production Solution
for Mid-to-Large Companies

About Fractal Recording

Our Mascot - The Fractal Pterodactyl

Our mascot, The Fractal Pterodactyl, survived extinction because he was recording a podcast in his studio when the meteor hit.

Fractal Recording provides professional podcast production enabling mid-to-large companies to launch successful high quality podcasts internally or externally. Fractal makes it super easy for you to grow your company by sharing the knowledge and experience you already have.

Clients include the likes of Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, ePlus, AAPD, and more, as well as select business authors including Dr. Dan Peters, Pamela S. Harper, Laura Shin, and Dr. Laura Mattia. Check out their shows here.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular because of how easy it is to listen to episodes on-demand.

History of Fractal Recording

Chris Curran has been a recording engineer and music producer since 1992. In 2012 he brought his “professional ear” into the world of podcasting; he founded Fractal Recording as a way to help businesses grow using high quality podcasting. Almost nothing makes Chris happier than an author sharing his or her genius all over the internet while sounding like a million bucks.

For 3 years Fractal Recording had a physical location in northern New Jersey. Currently, Chris produces all the shows from his home studio.

Do You Know What A Fractal Is

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